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The Sacred Crowns of Fortune:

Urban and Solar

Isis-Fortuna is distinguished, in part, by the Horned Solar crown of Isis (which also often includes two white ostrich feathers). This is often the only Egyptian element of Her attire, the rest being Hellenic or specifically Roman. The horseshoe shape is apparent in the crown of Isis. A horned female figure appears on the ancient Saharan rock carvings, made before desertification pushed populations toward the coast and into the Nile Valley. The Goddess HwtHwr, Hathor, wears the same crown (She also has cow's ears; Hathor and the later Isis share the crown, the sistrum, and have cow and cow-headed aspects). The lunar crescent, similarly shaped, also appears on the heads of many very ancient deities, and on the Goddess Diana and God Shiva in more recent epochs.

The Urban crown is typically Greek, though it may have more eastern roots, and was adopted by Roman iconographers. It represents a walled city. Sophia...